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1,着迷网络游戏李华着迷于电脑游戏中,影响了学习。作为他的好朋侪,你计划怎么帮他呢?请用下面所给的提示词写一篇不少于80字的漫笔。优秀范文:Li Hua spent too much time playing computer games and he fell behind others. As a good friend of his, I must do something to help him. Firstly, I think it’s very important for him to learn lessons well. He should spend most of his time on his study instead of computer games. Secondly, I must tell him that playing computer games too much is bad for his health, especially for his eyes. So he must give it up. I can play more sports with him after school. Maybe he will become more interested in sports than computer games. And then I'll ask him to concentrate more on his study. Of course, I will try my best to help him with all his subjects. I think I can do it in many fun ways and let him find much fun in studying. At the same time, I'll ask both his parents and our teachers to help him, too. If I try these, I'm sure he will make great progress soon. 2,是否应该资助生疏人最近,你们班就“是否应该资助生疏人”展开了讨论,同学们就这一话题意见纷歧,你的看法如何?凭据所提供的信息,以“Should We Help Strangers?”为题,写一篇漫笔。

赞成:资助他人是美德;资助他人就是资助自己;阻挡:怕陷入贫苦;怕被误解;你的看法?(至少两点)优秀范文:Should We Help Strangers? Recently our class had a discussion about whether we should help strangers.Different students have different opinions. Some think we should try to help strangers. Helping others is a virtue,and helping others is helping ourselves.We may come across some trouble and need others help some day.If everyone isn't willing to help us just because we are strangers to them,it's hard to imagine what our world will be like. However,some are afraid that helping others can sometimes bring us trouble.Sometimes we are just misunderstood and even have to pay the cost of kindness.In my opinion,we should try our best to help others when they are in need of help,but we should also protect ourselves from getting into trouble.If everyone tries a little kindness,our world will be full of love. 3,结业感想初中生活马上就要竣事了,三年的初中生活一定给你留下了许多挥之不去的回忆。请你给大家讲一个最值得你回忆的故事。包罗时间、人物、事情经由和事后你的感想(请不要写出真实的学校名称以及真实姓名)。优秀范文:How time flies! I have studied in my school for three years. And I will graduate from middle school in a month. I am eager to share my happiness and sadness with you.I had so many memories in three years’ life. One of them impressed me very much. I still remember, when I began to learn English, I found it too difficult. No matter how hard I tried, I still couldn’t do well in it and almost gave it up. As soon as my English teacher found my problem, she had a talk with me about how to learn English well. Since then, she has kept helping me. Little by little, I’ve become interested in English and I’m good at it. I think I am so lucky to become one of her students. I’ve learned a lot from her.I will try to help others when they are in trouble. I think it is a happy thing to help others. 4,现在我们周围的情况污染越来越严重。

作为一其中学生,我们应节约资源,掩护情况,从我们身边的小事做起,做一个“低碳生活”的中学生。请以“My Low--carbon Life”为题,写一篇漫笔形貌自己的“低碳生活”。内容包罗:1.地球的污染越来越严重,我们能看到森林被砍伐、水污染和空气污染。


My Low--carbon LifeThe environmental pollution is worse and worse today. Many trees are cut down, and water and air are polluted. As a student I try to have a low-carbon life to save energy and reduce pollution.Firstly, I often walk to school. It can reduce air pollution. Secondly, Ialways turn off the lights and fans when leaving the classroom. Thirdly, I always make full use of paper and other school things and never waste water.I wish more students to join me and make the earth more and morebeautiful. 5,辉煌光耀星空,谁是真的英雄?”做出震天动地业绩的人是英雄,为追求真理献出生命的人是英雄,在平凡岗位上默默奉献的人是英雄……   从上面信息卡中选择一位英雄,以The Hero in My Heart为题写一篇漫笔。要求:①包罗所选信息卡上的内容;②适当拓展,如学英雄的感想、行动等;③不能泛起讲明你身份的信息;④词数80左右,不含已给出部门。

The Hero in My HeartAs we know, most people have heroes in their hearts. For me, Dr Norman Bethune is the hero in my heart. He was a great doctor from Canada. Dr Bethune was good at performing operations. And taking photos was his hobby. In 1938, he came to China. He opened hospitals and invented medical tools. He worked so hard that he saved thousands of Chinese people. He didn’t stop to take care of his own injured hand and died.I am deeply moved by his stories. So I’ll work hard today and do my best to help others.【优秀满分范文2】The Hero in My HeartAs we know, most people have heroes in their hearts. For me, Liu Xiang is the hero in my heart. He is a famous Chinese sportsman. Liu Xiang is good at running. In 2004, he won his first Olympic gold medal in the men,s 110m hurdles event in Athens. Then, he set a world record in the same event in Lausanne. Besides training and taking part in competitions, Liu Xiang also likes singing and he sings well. With his hard work, he is winning competitions one after another. This encourages me to study harder from now on 6,你喜欢阅读吗?请你以 “Reading---A good Habit” 为题写一篇有关阅读的漫笔。 内容包罗:1.你的阅读习惯(喜欢的书籍、阅读的时间所在、购书方式等等)。2. 阅读带给你什么益处(至少两点)。3. 招呼大家都念书Reading---A good Habit Reading is a very good habit. I like reading very much. In my eyes, I think that forming a good reading habit is necessary for us. It can not only improve our knowledge but also make us to think over more different things efficiently. Besides, we can do some reading every time when we are free. For example, I often read some of my favorite books in my spare time both at home or in the library. What I like most are story books because most of them are quite interesting. Now I often buy my favorite books on line for its big discount. Finally, I like to share my favorite books with our family or my classmates. Since reading can benefits us a lot, it’s time for us to have our good reading habit now!.7,从浪费谈节约 如果你是李华,在生活中你看到过种种浪费现象,好比:浪费时间、浪费食物、浪费资源等等。

为了造就同学们的节约意识,学校和某英文网站配合以“节约×××”为题征文。请你用英语写一篇漫笔投稿,谈谈生活中应该节约的某种工具,为什么应该节约它以及如何节约。提示词语:population, limit, time, reuse, call on提示问题: What should we save? Why should we save it? What do we usually do to save it?经范例文:In my point of view, all of us should save water. People can't live without water. But the real situation is that the shortage of water is becoming a serious problem in many parts of the world due to growing population and the pollution of the rivers and lakes. To deal with the water problem, we can do something to avoid wasting water in our life. Firstly, we should remember to reuse water. For example, the water left over after washing vegetables can be used to water plants or to clean the floor. Secondly, we had better limit our shower time. Also, we can call on more people to save water in different ways. In short, water holds great value to human beings. Let's do as much as we can to save water. 88关于校园暴力School is not only a place we can learn something, but also is a small society. "School violence"(校园暴力) is a popular word in the school during these years. And school violence have many influence for us too. Many of us suffer from bully(欺凌弱小者) of school-bullies nowadays.So, boycott(团结抵制) school violence is what everyone in school should do. Teachers should have a sense of responsibility and carefully found the things which happened in your students and then timely educate and protect them. As we should have a sense of judgement and also have a heart of fighting against with evil(邪恶,罪恶). Don't be feared, it just like a spring, if you are weak , it will be strong , if you are strong it will be weak.I think if we unite together to fight against with evil. The school will be peaceful and harmonious again! 每一小我私家,每一个国家,都拥有梦想。

“中国梦”是现在最热的话题。作为中学生,你是如何明白中国梦的?你的中国梦是什么呢?为实现你的梦想,你将怎么做呢?假设你叫李红(Li Hong),请以“My Dream”为题,写一篇不少于100词的英语漫笔。要求:1. 条理清楚,有讲明自己看法的句子。

2. 书写工致,句式规范,标点符号和巨细写使用正确。3. 漫笔中应只管包罗提示内容,可适当发挥,但不能泛起真实的人名、地名。4. 参考词汇:China dream,come true ,achieve one’s dreams., give up, hold on to, make up of【优秀满分范文】My DreamEveryone has his dreams. As young students, we have many kinds of dreams. These dreams are our China dreams. The dreams can be very big, and they can also be small. In fact , a big dream is made up of many small dreams.I also have a dream. I dream of becoming a great scientist. From now on, I have to study hard to achieve my dream. I must learn as much as I can. When I meet any difficulty, I won’t give it up , I must get it over .I’m sure it’s very important to dream,. Some dreams are more realistic, others are not. No matter what our dreams are, we should hold on to them, they can just come true one day. 关于世界宁静I believe everyone is eager for comfortable, peaceful life and hating wars. So the United Stations decide to set up an International Day of peace. It falls on the third Tuesday of September every year, aiming at celebrating the day that the global realize ceasefires and non-violence. Its symbol is a flying dove. It represents peace. This festival is the day for people from all walks of life. The international community including the United Nations has made unremitting(坚韧不拔的) efforts for the realization of regional stability and world peace over the years. It is a long way to go for people to realize the real peace ideal. So everyone should make contribution for their common dream. Only with the effort of all people in the world, they can realize their dream one day. I have confidence in it 二胎的利益   It has been such a long time for Chinese people to carry out the family plan, so most families only have one child. But now the government has loosen the one-child policy, more and more families have the right to raise the second child. In my opinion, having the second child has many advantages.   中国人实行计划生育已经有很长一段时间了,因此大部门家庭只有一个孩子。


  First, it is good for the only child to have a sister or brother, so that the child can learn to share things. The parents are easily to focus their all attention to the only child, they want to give all the things he wants. But in the long run, they don’t realize they have spoiled their child to be an emperor. Selfishness can be found on the only child, if he has a partner, then he will realize the need to share things with others. What’s more, the parents can distract their attention, so they won’t spoil their kids.   第 一,对于独生子女来说,有个兄弟姐妹是好的,这样孩子就能学会分享工具。怙恃很容易会把他们的注意力集中在独生子女身上,他们想要给予孩子所要的一切。

可是恒久下去,他们没有意识到已经把孩子宠溺成了一个天子。独生子女很容易自私,如何他有一个同伴,就会和别人分享工具的需要。而且,怙恃也会疏散他们的注意力,这样就不会宠溺孩子。  Second, since in Chinese tradition the old people would not like to spend their later life in the nursing house, two children can share the burden of taking care of the parents and support them when they grow old. Those only children would be exhausted then while they have their own family to take care.   第 二,由于在中国的传统里暮年人们不愿意在养老院安度晚年,两个孩子也能分管一下照顾和赡养年迈怙恃的压力。

而那些独生子女们还要照顾自己的家庭,会力有未逮。  Third, the more kids in the family, the happier the family will be. Watching the children play and fight is a kind of fun for the parents. The lively phenomenon makes people feel happy.   第 三,家中越多的孩子,家庭就会越发的幸福。看着孩子们玩耍和打骂,对怙恃来说也是一种兴趣。

关于诚信的英语作文一  Almost all of us heard the story “Here Comes the Wolf” when we were little kids. What we can learn from the story is that we must be honest. However, there’re lots of phenomena(现象) of dishonesty nowadays。 Being dishonest does great harm not only to other people but also to yourself. Take the case of fake(伪造的) milk powder(奶粉) for example. After drinking this kind of milk, the babies had big heads while their legs and arms were still thin, which badly affected their health. To our great relief, the producers got accused and punished for all the serious consequences(效果) in the end。  Having the reputation(名声) of being honest and reliable will make other people trust you, which will provide you many benefits and give you opportunities that others may not get. Being honest, you will find it easier to cooperate with others and people will be friendly to you and support you. In a sense, if life is a long journey, honesty will be the backpack that should be taken along all the way. Let’s pick up our “backpack”—honesty, and start the wonderful journey!  在我们小的时候,险些所有人都听过“狼来了”这个故事,我们可以从这个故事学到我们必须老实。

然而,现在有许多不老实的现象。  不老实不仅对他人也带来极大的危害。以假奶粉的情况为例。



让我们捡起“背包”——老实,并开始美妙的旅程! When it comes to honesty, quite a lot of people believe it is essential to a person’s character and success.  They base their idea on the following reasons: on one hand, successful business owes much to mutual trust; on another hand, great people in history such as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington set us good examples of being honest, they are great because they are honest.  But some people think differently. They believe honesty is becoming out of date.  Their reasons run as following: to begin with, cheating on exams is becoming more and more popular; in addition, some singers and movie stars cheat on taxes; last but not the least, if you are not careful enough, you’ll buy some defective goods and fake products.  It is high time we emphasized and encouraged honesty. We can take effective measures to restore it.  For example, kids should be taught to tell truth, strict rules and regulations should be carried out to stop cheatings on exams and taxes, etc.  当谈到老实,许多人相信这对于一小我私家的性格和乐成来说是很重要的。  他们驻足于他们的想法的理由如下:一方面,商业上的乐成,有赖于相互信任;另一方面,在历史上如亚伯拉罕林肯和乔治华盛顿这样的伟人给我们树立了老实的好例子,他们之所以伟大是因为他们是老实的。


  他们的原因如下:首先,考试作弊是越来越受接待;此外,一些歌星和影星骗税款;最后但并非最不重要的,如果你不小心的话,你会买到一些有缺陷的产物或冒充产物。  我们是时候该强调并勉励老实了。

我们可以接纳有效措施来恢复它。  例如,应该教孩子们老实,严格的规章制度应实施举行来阻止在考试和税收方面的欺诈等。“一带一路”机缘和挑战The Opportunity and Challenge of Belt and RoadThe policy of Belt and Road has been the hot topic, and many foreign countries have joined this plan. For the foreign students, they become more interested in Chinese and learn the culture, at the same time, Chinese students have faced the opportunity and challenge.“一带一路”政策已经成为2017年的热门话题,许多外国国家都加入了这个计划。

对于外国学生来说,他们对中国越发感兴趣,也学习了一些文化,与此同时,中国学生也面临着机缘和挑战。This great policy provides the chance to do business between countries, so it is important to master the international language—English. Though many Chinese students have learned it for a long time, they can’t use it fluently because of the lack of chance to communicate with local people.这个伟大的政策为国与国之间提供了商业时机,因此,掌握国际语言——英语是很重要的。

虽然许多中国学生学习英语很长时间了,可是,由于缺乏与当地人交流的时机,他们都无法把英语说得流利。At the same time, culture is the inevitable part during making connection with another countries, so it is important to learn the culture. For the students who want to work on the International company, they need to improve their language ability and the ability to make connection with foreigners.与此同时,文化在与别国打交道的历程中是不行制止的一部门,因此学习文化是很重要的。那些想在国际公司事情的学生,他们需要提高语言能力,学会与外国人打交道。The policy of Belt and Road have won praise from people all around the world. They are expecting to seek for cooperation. In the future, more business chances will come. If you are ready for it, you will be ahead of others.“一带一路”政策赢得了来自世界各地的人的赞扬,他们希望寻求互助。




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